Underdeveloped: Top 5 Worst Traits of Game Developers

An online casino is not complete without games. They are the heart of this platform, and they will not exist without their developers. Each year, game companies create hundreds of games for players to enjoy. If the game is brilliant, you will expect that a talented person made it.

But what if the game is terrible? Does it mean the developer is awful, too? Well, the finished product will reflect the effort put into it. So, you can be right. The developer may be having a hard time making it. Learn more about the different kinds of worst in terms of developers.

#1. The Quick-Fix Master Who Does Not Value Quality Over Quantity

Worst Game Developers quality

This kind is the worst. This person needs to develop ten games a day without putting a value on quality. He does best at copying and pasting codes from one game to another, thinking that they will work similarly. The result? He has a lousy casino game that does not offer any entertainment.

It will crash quickly, and it is not sustainable. A lot of options in the market were from 2012 and are still popular today. Quality should always come first.

#2. The Allergic-to-Testers Who Does Not Keep Track of Quality Control

Creating a game involves science. If you make one, you should test it. It does take some time, but you should invest in testing your game before making it available to everyone. Doing this will keep your quality control intact.

However, some developers skip the testing part. Since they see themselves as perfect, they feel like testing is an insult to their capacity. Apart from being prideful, these developers also show selfishness and immaturity.

#3. The ‘I Can Do This Alone' Who Does Not Ask Help from Others

Worst Game Developers ask help

Some people find it hard working with others. Is this bad? No, it is not. But when it comes to creating a game, developers must connect with others since the second opinion will always matter.

People who reject help from others prevent themselves from growing. They dismiss innovation, and they tend to decide irrationally. As a result, they produce a game that does not interest the players.

#4. The One Who Documents Poorly and Loses Track of His Activities

Keeping tabs of your progress will keep you grounded. It does only save your time; it also prevents you from making the same mistake again. A well-documented game will provide a clear chart of where it got wrong and what you must fix.

The problem for some people, they skip the documentation. Yes, it is a demanding task, and they lack the energy to do it. In the end, they have to make a redo because they cannot remember each step religiously.

#5. The Never-Ending Negative Thoughts Who Loses Hope in Each Failure

Worst Game Developers loses hope

As a game developer, you must know how to appreciate your team's efforts. If you made a good one, why would you point out the negative side first? If you have made some awful products, why would you give up that quickly? It is a world of trial-and-error, so keep your hopes every time you are creating a game.


The quality of your game reflects on who developed it. If many people love it, then it must be from someone who has all the good traits of an excellent developer. If the game received lots of thumbs down, well, he may be one of the people cited above.

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