Popcorn Night: Top 5 Best Casino Movies of All Time

Are you bored during the quarantine? Have you watched all the rom-com and horror movies on Netflix? If you are looking for something new that will spark your interest, try to watch these casino movies. They come in classic and modern themes. If you are after both genres, why not view them all?

It can be a good date night bonding with your partner, or a popcorn night with your kids. Be careful with some adult content in these films.

#1. Casino – A Classic Movie that You Will Love for Its Twists

Casino movies casino

Of course, we will feature the movie named after our topic. This 1995 film is a box-office classic starring Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. The story is about a casino owner who had some mafia ties and a law enforcer who fell in love with a beautiful lady. It came with the best graphics and effect when it aired in the cinemas. If you are in the mood to explore old movies, this is an excellent choice.

#2. Casino Royale – A James Bond Movie with an Adrenaline Rush

Casino movies casino royale

Have you heard your father talk about James Bond? This one is a classic and had a remake in 2006. As one of Agent 007's adventures, Casino Royale is about defeating the terrorist from a World Poker game, so they cannot go on with their plans. The star of its 2006 version is James Craig, so you should expect exciting and sexy scenes.

#3. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – The Truths About Vegas Casinos

Casino movies Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

We highly recommend this movie because it shows a different take on the Vegas life, and the star actor is Johnny Depp. He never had a flop movie, and this one is an excellent example. Another thing to love about this joyride movie, from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, is from a true-to-life narration. It does not show glamour, but it portrays people's dark lives on drugs and gambling addiction.

#4. 21 – A Movie of Betrayals Between a Teacher and His Students

Casino movies 21

Aired in 2008, this one is somehow similar to The Four Horsemen movie, except it is not about magic. In this film, Kevin Spacey played the math professor role, where he trained young students to learn how to count cards.

The plot twist included some students betraying him, and fun fact, it is also from a real-life story. You will appreciate how the film creators took some time to study the loopholes of playing blackjack, poker, and baccarat.

#5. The Gambler – A Storyline Attacking the Problem on Addiction

Casino movies the gambler

This film is quite recent as it became available in 2014. Rupert Wyatt directed this predictable movie of a man who lost a lot in a casino game. Like other storylines, he had debt from som top-class criminals, and they went after him. After the chasing and some bullets, he was able to overcome them. The movie is talking about the downside of gambling addiction.


The storylines in most films about casinos focus on freedom, betrayal, sex, and societal issues. Each of them targets a problem in society that we forget to address. It may be about casino games, but there is a more profound message in these films. So, have fun watching them this quarantine.

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