Oddly Weird: Things You Do Not Know About Casinos

Are you ready for some quick facts about casinos? You may be playing some online casino games for some time, but how much do you know it? Loaded with fun, you will have some good time at the bar, spa, entertainment lounge, and the gaming stage. To keep the fun, here are some oddly weird things you can jot down.

#1. An Actor's Demise After Counting the Numbers in Blackjack

Who did not watch the movie Gone Girl? It is one of Ben Affleck's renowned film. This man is known for his excellent acting skills, but what you did not know is his name made a mark in casinos, too. It may not be as positive as the feedback of the movie.

There was a time when the Hard Rock Casino banned the actor from playing blackjack. They caught him cheating on the game by counting the cards. Rules are rules, so he cannot enter that casino for life.

#2. Texas Hold'em Poker Banned in Texas When Played in Public

It does not make sense, but yes, Poker is not allowed in Texas. It is one of the US states that does not allow gambling, but it comes with exceptions. What is not permitted are public clubs that offer casino games as the main business. If you wish to play Poker privately, you can. Some even claim that the game did not originate in Texas.

#3. Most Casinos in Nevada are not in Las Vegas Like We Know It

Is this news to you? When you think of the word casino, the first thing that comes to mind maybe Las Vegas. It is where you will find Michelin restaurants and world-class casinos. Little do people know, most casinos are in Paradise, Nevada. Some of them include Bellagio, Flamingo, and Westgate. It is an unincorporated land in Nevada with the most populated CDP in the USA.

#4. Penny Slots Machines Have More Contribution Than Other Casino Games

This one is not oddly weird, but you need to know that penny slot machines have the most substantial contribution to a casino's wealth. Profits from card and table games will not top the money coming from slot games. It is quite understandable since people find it easy to play, and way affordable than others. They swarm into these games, especially if they do not have any knowledge about other games.

#5. Ancient Gambling Quirks Between Greek and Roman Gamblers

While the first gambling chips are from the Greeks, it is illegal in Rome. In ancient times, gambling is a popular form of entertainment among Greeks and Romans (apart from women).

However, the Roman government outlawed this activity because they find it immoral. People caught gambling suffers some penalty, and others even go to jail.


Even if these facts affect how you see online casinos or gambling in general, you cannot erase them in history. Some people experienced punishment for cheating or violating the law, while others are not what we thought it to be. There are more exciting things that you can learn about casinos.

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