Illegitimate Online Casinos: How Do I Know it is a Scam?

Online casinos are sprouting everywhere. They come in different forms and deals, but they are here as a form of entertainment. If you are only beginning, it is not surprising if you still doubt playing online. Indeed, it is better that you feel safe than risk your money on fraudulent schemes.

We are here to give you some advice on how to identify if the casino is a scam. It will help you decide if you will go for it or try another one. You did an excellent job of doing your research first before diving into the real game.

#1. Research About Casino Feedback If There Are Negative Reviews

Online Casino Scam feedback

The best thing to do is Google feedback about your chosen casino. If you do not have one yet, you can look for the most trusted online casinos.

From this list, you can sift through them one by one by searching for scandals or negative reviews from players.

If one of them said that they were not able to withdraw their winnings without proper explanation, it is a red flag to consider.

#2. Look Up About Their License and Find Out Which Body Authorized Them

When you read the terms and conditions of an online casino, there should be a section discussing their licenses. If there is none, close that tab and remove it from your list. You will never find a state policy that does not require proper jurisdiction and authorization before these casinos operate. Not having any means they cannot work.

#3. Do Not Fall Trap of Free Offers If They are Too Good to be True

Online Casino Scam free offer

While many legitimate casinos offer a no-deposit bonus, think twice before clicking that site. Hackers cover up their malicious activity as a casino site, and once you click it, they will have a copy of your information. Others use this scheme to encourage you to make some deposits. Once you fall for it, your online account will automatically lock you out.

#4. Check Its Game Developers and the Games It Provides to Players

Only choose sites with trusted game developers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, and Play ‘n Go. They are only three of the long list of game suppliers around the world. If you find their developers unfamiliar and do not have any online data, stop what you are doing, and never associate yourself with it. It is another hint that you are close to falling for a scam.

#5. Check the Legacy of the Online Casino and Its Performance

Online Casino Scam

As much as possible, go with a website that has stood through time. Some are there for more than two decades already, which is a good sign that people keep on using its platform for years.

It does not mean that you cannot trust casinos that started last year. You can look up about the company that it is under and search other casinos that it holds.


It is best to be careful with your online activities, especially when it comes to casinos. You must consider some things before signing up on their website. It would help if you secured that your information is highly confidential and kept safely with them. In this time, we will never know what kind of harm we will encounter online.

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