If your child is in grade school, they probably already know what their upcoming birthday will be – probably an exciting surprise like a trip to Las Vegas. So why not take that excitement and combine it with a fun event like a casino birthday party in a local hotel? Hosting a casino-themed birthday celebration is a unique way for your child to have fun and celebrate their upcoming birthday while learning a little bit about the history of Las Vegas and having fun in the process.

There are a number of different casino games and themes available at almost any casino. And when you host a Las Vegas theme-based party, you can choose from one of many options. Take that time to explore all the different casino games and themes that are available. For example, some theme-based casino parties may include a table full of ” legalized” weapons such as assault rifles. Others may include “licensed” handguns in a glass display case.

Or maybe you might want to consider an indoor or outdoor game of blackjack, craps, or even a free spin slot machine. Each of these games can be set up inside a unique casino themed to match your theme or the theme of the birthday guest of honor. In addition to free spin slots, an indoor poker table or a couple of chairs placed in the center of the room with a sign that says “come take a card” can provide an excellent game of poker for younger children. If you have an online casino that offers free spin games, this is also a great way to encourage children to stay within the safety of a computer and not try their luck at real money gambling.